May 15th, 2020 – 597 – Day sixty

Phew! That was a long day! Late target this evening but that’s alright, I’ll just sleep in a bit and try to do target as soon as I wake up. I just finished up the Ikoria Prerelease, and came 5th! Ok, out of 6, but hey low numbers make me look great! Actually, I think my best performance was a 5th in a 17 person event, so today was, less good on that score. Eh, whatever, I had a blast, got the legendary creature I want to build around a Commander deck from the set, and then in the random draw at the end won a playmat box worth more than the draft!

Ok so that’s my Magic rave over, but only in part because the main reason I took part was to support my LGS. Mana Gaming is a great shop and a great community, and its places like that which need all the love they can get in such uncertain times. I will be chucking some more of my paycheck their way as a donation on payday. It’s important to fund worthy causes, but as far as I see it a good LGS is one. People with social difficulties or who find it hard to make friends always find a welcoming home, and that’s what we’ll need more than ever after this.

So on writing, TFS is still at more of a trickle right now, but that’s pretty normal for these stages. Breaking into a new section – in this case, ‘bad guys close in’ – always does seem to see me hit a bit of a rut, but less so now I’m of the mindset of you can always write story content if you will it. The quality isn’t always great, but the second line of my mantra is “and if [the words] are bad then that’s ok”. No use being a perfectionist if it just means you don’t create at all.

Right, I’m knackered, so I’ll leave this and get on with tidying the bedroom. So many empty card packs…