May 14th, 2020 – 596 – Day fifty-nine

Touch wood, I am starting to reach ‘normal-ish’ now. It’s still a bit bumpy, and my work queue is a bit of a mess to be frank, what with the incoming volume vs what I’m able to do with all the distractions that come from home duties too. If I were living alone I doubt it would be that disruptive at all, but family does come first. Even so, I am starting to claw productivity back from the jaws of covid.

On a more positive note, TFS hit 50,000 words today as expected, which is a huge milestone for any project as far as I’m concerned. Along with that I now have more idea of the story itself, the themes I want to explore, and to an extent, the way the plot will play out. I’m pleased what I’ve achieved with a tight cast, and glad I decided to go into this one direct with minimal planning. I think it’s helped me grow as a writer.

Now much more to report today, except to say happy birthday to a long time friend some-time reader, and to say that while I’m still a long ways off ‘ok’, I am starting to reach ‘stable’. I think given the world-shift we’re all going through that I’ll take that for the time being.