May 12th, 2020 – 594 – Day fifty-seven

I’m almost back to a normal, enjoyable routine. After a productive team meeting over Microsoft Teams, I found the willpower before starting my jobs for the day to crank out target and my journal, and this of course. Getting things done before 12pm is a large boon for me, because it makes the majority of the day sail by, which right now is a great help. I don’t want to do too much savouring and reflection while things are bleak.

Not much to report on the TFS front, except that in two days we’ll sail over the 50K mark, which I still find bizarre for a typed-first story. That’s only because I’m so used to typing already-written stories of course, but even so it’s a nice feeling to know I’ve made the switch without a hiccup it seems. Now I can focus on work, enjoy a stress-free walk later, and fingers crossed, repeat the process again tomorrow. Here’s hoping.