May 11th, 2020 – 593 – Day fifty-six

I’m taking a break from work and about to go out on my daily walk. Weird to think I was too scared to even consider doing this about 3 days ago and now I feel totally fine about getting out and about. More than that, I feel much more contented, even productive as a result. It’s a much-needed change, and I couldn’t ask for a better day. I hope the park isn’t too busy all the same.

TFS is now at 47,400 words, and I feel right this moment, it’s at the mid-point. It’s the end of Chapter 23 and would make a 90K~ story when done, so that’s ideal for me. I also love the twist that I came up with today to break into the second half, and I feel my eventual-imaginary-readers such as yourselves will do too. Sometimes when you write without constraint, the best twists hand themselves to you.

I still think some planning has value, but I’m starting to feel only to sell yourself on the initial story. After that, it’s far better to freestyle it. Without a bit of planning, I think you can get lost in the weeds or rabbit-hole on irrelevant detail, but if nothing else, it’s more fun when I don’t know the exact way things will play out. I know most of it, but it’s nice to be surprised by your own work.

I was just shy of 10,000 steps yesterday, so I will aim to either match that, or if I do start feeling a bit off at least crest 8K. I’m not certain 10K is sustainable, but it did help me sleep better last night. After that, I’ve got some resources to finish adding to the college staff induction page, and then in the evening, I should be finishing up my playthrough of The Secret of Monkey Island. I’ve just reached the cannibals.