May 10th, 2020 – 592 – Day fifty-five

After the success of yesterday’s walk, and a decent night’s sleep – if one where I struggled to nod off as I’m still in a bad ‘switch off’ routine – I think I can say touch-as-much-wood-as-feasible that I have a workable trajectory. If I go for a walk each day, I can start to burn off some of this excess weight and start to limber up for my rowing machine. It also gives me some much needed fresh air.

Even after yesterday went well, I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about going out, if only because I know the rosy image of ‘plucky cheery Brits all in this together’ is a fallacy. Still, for the most part, people seem ok outside, and I haven’t had to deal with any sweary sociopaths myself yet, at least not since the lockdown started. I’ll be taking my headphones and listening to Peter Clines’ Ex Communication. The Ex Heroes series is a great read if a little eerie in its backstory about ‘lockdowns’ and ‘global pandemics’.

I feel TFS is going alright, but whilst I have a window to break into the midpoint of the novel, I still feel the voice is a bit off. It’s got gripping action and suspense, but I want to find a teensy bit more heart, and bring out more of Kim as a character. She is probably my favourite character in the series, so it’s vital I get the vision of her in my head onto the page. Maybe walks like these will help dislodge more gems. I did at least at long last figure out what her McGuffin was. Only took what, a month?