May 9th, 2020 – 591 – Day fifty-four

I’ve managed to go up in the world of screen displays. My last monitor was ok, and I do still have it as a back up of sorts, but wasn’t much bigger than a laptop screen. My new one, well, it’s 60″ so it’s plenty big enough. I bought a 5 metre HDMI cable and hooked up my desktop to my new TV, and I’ve gotta say it’s a lot more fun writing on such a huge screen. When I do get back to the flat one day it’ll be a delight to work and play video games this way.

All this is well and good but what of writing? Well, today I wrote at 3pm, so I’m all good for that. I’ll be going to bed as soon as I hit publish on this entry. It’s a big step forward in reclaiming some normalcy in life, or ‘normal-ish’ as I’ve taken to calling my goal. Aiming for normal isn’t realistic in the short term. But today, I made a big step forwards in reclaiming normal: I went outside.

Mum and I went for a walk in one of the nearby parks, keeping a safe distance there and back again. It was nerve-wracking to be out and about, but I’d forgotten how much I love walks. It set my mind straight, and I will now be going for walks near enough every day. I’ll go by myself for the most part, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to rack up 8-10K steps on a good route. If I allocate an hour to walk, then tell myself to get my writing done first, then I should be able to carve out a sustainable routine.

I am not back in full control yet. I don’t think I will be until the lockdown is lifted, but as things stand, I’ve never been closer to normal-ish in this stretch. Exercise is my big goal. Remember 1K is my number 1, followed by ‘fix routine’. That goes hand in hand with stabilising my mental health, but with my confidence to go on walks restored, I can tackle both of these and chuck in ‘get fit again’ for good measure. I have a plan. Let’s see what happens.