May 8th, 2020 – 590 – Day fifty-three

Today was a better day, albeit a bit shorter. I took a sleeping pill before I slept last night, and well, it knocked me out for over 13 hours. That was, unexpected, but not the worst night of sleep ever. As you can tell from this late post, I have been a bit behind ever since. Some of that is also just me being stupid. I got an HDMI cable in the post today to hook up my PC to my big TV, and couldn’t resist playing  my favourite game through on it: Day of the Tentacle (1993). It’s sorta a three way tie between that and ‘To The Moon’/’Finding Paradise’, but I think DotT is still #1. It helps I can play the entire game in my head with all the puzzles.

TFS is going reasonably well, 44,000 words long so getting right to the midpoint now. I’ve even figured out my False Victory for the middle, and it’s a pretty satisfying one. Was emphasising to my best friend today – she’s an artist and needs to believe in herself more because she’s pretty darn good – that close to all artists hate their WIPs. In fact, I think in most cases, if you’re an artist, and you don’t have serious reservations about a project during it, then it’s probably beyond redemption. Lack of tension to me indicates a lack of value. If composition is the unseen art, then what weight can your medium carry if you breeze through it. I’m sure exceptions exist, but idgaf.

Right that’s enough prattling from me. Today was otherwise pretty normal. We raised a glass at 5pm with the street for VE Day, though I’m looking forward to VC Day as some people are suggesting calling the day Covid-19 is stamped out. Guess we’ll see. Oh, and I may be going on my first walk in the park tomorrow, so that’ll be interesting, if a little nerve-wracking. I’ve seen several people hurl abuse and the like at people in the streets, so I’m a bit unsure how I feel about going out into the world.