May 7th, 2020 – 589 – Day fifty-two

One day for every card in the deck, minus the jokers. And, the rules card. And assuming this isn’t Magic or I’ve still got a Beatles-week to go – look point is, man it’s been a while. For once I’ve hit target at a sensible hour – ish – so I’ll be sleeping on time, but today had other upsides after work too. The biggest of all was mums visit, not just so I could see and chat to her, but for the package she bought along.


You wouldn’t even know. This side shows the seam clearest, and frankly, it blends in such a way that it could easily just look like that. My step-dad did an amazing job on repairing her, and I can confirm after a few games – most of which I lost but hey I haven’t practised in two days – she’s at full strength. I’m, close to, but I’ve got a bit more of a journey yet.

TFS is now sitting at 42,967 words, meaning it’s crossed what I guess you could call the ‘Spectrum’ threshold. That is, the ‘final’ wordcount of TSS 1.1, the first typed version. It’s also now closing in a bit on the midpoint which I think will make the story a bit easier to write. Intrigue and mystery is my ‘fun and games’ section, and it’s no understatement to say it’s a weak area for me. Practice is needed, hence me writing the book in the first place.

I also finished my third personal journal, the 300~ word page-a-day aside I do after target each day going back to day 5 of 1K. Always feels like the start of a new era, but all of that is for tomorrow. I’d love to stay up and play some more games but I want my sleep cycle back, so I’m taking some sleep aid pills and knocking myself out for the evening. See you on the other side, my imaginary folks.