May 6th, 2020 – 588 – Day fifty-one

I’m starting to accept that I’m not ok, and that no one is really so I needn’t beat myself up for it. Of all things, it took damaging one of my brand new chess pieces to figure that out. My hand cramps betrayed me at the worst moment, and right now I’m waiting to hear back if my Queen can be glued back together.

It took seeing that and realising I felt nothing to realise that the Queen broke a long time after I did. I’m not ok. I haven’t been ok for a long time now, like most people. I’m lucky I have my writing, my novel at 40k and growing every day to keep my mind off things. But I have to accept that I’m struggling hard.

Hope you’re holding up ok my imaginary readers. We’ll get through this. Not as easy to repair as a chess piece, but we will figure it out.