May 2nd, 2020 – 584 – Day forty-seven

My routine is still a mess suprise suprise. The one good thing right now is I’ve gotten good at playing chess against myself and I’m finding it a lot of fun as a zen activity. I still play on the app too of course, but not against other people just yet. I’ll get there but confidence and stability need establishing.

Writing is in a bit of a stronger position. I’ve managed to get a decent B-Story going, but I think this one is going to need a ton more edits than VOL and WHT. I always knew there was a high chance of that – it’s what happens when you write freeform. Even so the core story is working pretty well. I just need to keep chipping.

Fixing my routine is my #2 priority second only to writing each day. My three goals at the expense of all else are:

1. 1K*

2. Fix routine

3. Lose weight. Or, I think 3 is lose weight. This one is tricky because as much as alcohol and the extra junk food are fattening, they’re also keeping my mood stable. So really I think it’s actually…

3. Stabilise mental health so I can focus on losing weight.

My job fits into 2, so don’t worry I haven’t lost sight of that. So next actions:

1. Write a thousand words*

2. Transfer BuJo backlog to journal after 1 tomorrow.

3. Relax tomorrow after 2 so I’m refreshed for Monday.

Can’t put a price on a good plan.