May 1st, 2020 – 583 – Day forty-six

I’ve spent all day playing chess alongside things. I played while chipping off work tasks and between emails. I played bookending meals. I even played between rounds of Magic when we played over Zoom this evening. Suffice to say, playing on this new board is intoxicating. The subtle click of each move, the weight in your hand, the way each piece right down to individual lowly pawns look unique, feel different, yet match so well.

Writing goes well. I’m at a point in TFS where I am enjoying freeform storytelling, but do need to course correct a bit for some decent fun and games. I’ve got some idea of how I’ll do that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I grind through some of the days rather than flowing.

I’m gonna go rest now, but seeing as I mentioned it here’s the new chess set:

It’s even better than it looks.