April 30th, 2020 – 582 – Day forty-five

Post 451, so bring on the book-burning I suppose. I have a confession to make that I still need to finish reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, but figured it might be better to read the other 450 books in the series first. Nah I’ve just been bad at reading fiction, which is a long-standing problem for me. I read a lot – though as people seem to delight in pointing out Audible isn’t quite the same. Congrats, it’s not like I have the disability by choice but whatever makes you feel smug I suppose. The issue is I am often more drawn to reading non-fiction for pleasure.

On that note, I’ve been reading Willpower by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney, a book I’ve waited for ages to get on audio. It’s helped me make sense of quite a lot of the things that have fallen apart in quarantine, not least my drive to get writing done earlier in the day so I can sleep on time. Spoilers: it’s me not eating right or recharging as I should. It’s a great book I do recommend if you’re like me and fascinated with getting the most out of your brain.

I still need to get some more words out of my brain for TFS, but I’ve written 2,500 words today of a story commission for a friend. Should they like it, I might be writing a private novel over the next few weeks. That sounds, insane I’ll grant, but it’s a sign of how productive I am able to be. I can start whole other projects and still get at least 1K of main-story out each day. Still need to be careful of course, as with 1K+ and Clockspinning this kind of endeavour carries risk. But it’s nice to feel I have the capacity for 2/3K days. Work has to come first, but I don’t want it dominating my whole life.

Payday and I decided to take the plunge on the chess set. Amazingly, they’re delivering it tomorrow. Chess I have to say is helping in a myriad of ways, as a confidence boost, a mental stimulant, a new hobby to take pride in and a fallback activity for when I don’t feel up to anything else. Gotta get that estimated Elo up from 1400. A productive month all told, and 35,000 of a novel is pretty great to have in the bank. I do hope I get a bit back in control of everything else in May though.