April 21st, 2020 – 573 – Day thirty-six

The majority of today I was in training for a new system for exams at work. That meant that I didn’t have much of a break to squeeze writing into, and in the end I pushed it right back until now. That’s kinda ok, I like the scene I just finished and it brought the novel to the end of Act 1, in quite dramatic fashion. My heroine is well and truly thrown into the story now and past the point of any doubts on proceeding. I’ve done so with a bit of a premature false defeat because I want the whole story to feel like an ascension, which is what it is from here on out for the most part.

My rowing machine is going to be another 8 weeks from now, as I wanted a specific colour, and given the eye-watering cost and the fact it’s for a lifetime, I can stomach 8 weeks. Even so, I have put on so much weight in the last 36 days. I don’t look too bad, but I hate having a gut, and even growing my beard out hadn’t hidden the change to my facial shape. It is what it is, and I’ve shed way more weight than this – in much less time on a far worse diet – so here’s hoping I course correct soon.

25,000 words of TFS, and I quite like the story that’s emerged. It needs a lot more work than say WHY or TSS, but it’s a story I feel is worth that attention too. Going in with only a rough idea works now I know I’ll write it every day, which old me wasn’t so reliable at. But right now I need to go collapse in bed and rest. Well, I’m in – or at least sitting on the edge of my bed, so time to finish my descent. Ok, that sounds far more ominous than I meant it to…