April 20th, 2020 – 572 – Day thirty-five

I made 57 moves in my last game of chess. 12 were the BEST moves. Ok, so the chess.com app tells me 13 were outright blunders, and four were outright lost opportunities to win on top of that but, hey, one of my twelve was checkmate. Aye. I still suck at chess. But I’m getting better! Ish. Still got my eye on that beautiful chess set in marble, and if I get it you better believe I will be aiming to do better than 17 god-awful moves out of 57. 10 is quite enough.

In a stunning move in my writing, I managed to figure out how to inject a bit more excitement into a scene I was worried was ‘death of the novel bad’ at the time. Now I think I’ve set up a far more interesting conflict than the one I had initially planned, and one that is going to bring more of the horror elements I wanted to evoke front and centre in the plot. I should relisten to one of my all-time favourite books for inspiration in that vein: 14 by Peter Clines. His is a style and pazazz I aspire to, and I love the way he balances intrigue and horror in this book.

My routine is a total mess at the moment, but I am at least heading off to bed at half 9. That if nothing else is an improvement. Got to be bright and fresh for all my chess blunders tomorrow. And, well the hours of training at work too, that’s going to be interesting over Microsoft Teams. Here’s hoping the internet here is up to it. I’m quite interested to check it out. Get it, because I was, talking about chess two paragraphs ago? I can write humour right? Right?

Sad day when even your imaginary readers disagree with you.