April 18th, 2020 – 570 – Day thirty-three

Good news! I have found a new way I love procrastinating from writing my thousand words and ruining my sleep pattern: obsessive chess. Wait is that good news or bad news? I’m too shattered to know the difference at this point, but I have made it to level 5/10 difficulty on the app I play against so that counts for something. I feel I brute force too many games though; I should be looking to do clever checkmates and ruses, not eliminating all the pieces and promoting a couple of pawns. I’ve got my eye on a beautiful chess set to save towards, but not until I’m good enough at the game to justify it.

So why am I procrastinating so much? Well believe it or not it isn’t writer’s block, an ailment I do seem to have found the cure to – ‘charge head long and don’t worry if it turns out awful’. No to be blunt it’s because I am in a restless mood, not one to do with writing but more the realities of not being able to get out and about. I did 10K steps two days ago and that was a mistake in hindsight. It burned me out, and now I have a mind racing and a body slowly failing, given it wasn’t expecting me to put it through the mill. When my rowing machine arrives I need to remember this and be careful or I will hurt myself.

TFS is over the 20K threshold, and I think we’re breaking into act two at the exact point I wanted to. That suggests this is another 80K story rather than a 90-100K one. I am more than ok with this – wanting to keep my non-high-fantasy work to below six digits where possible – but I hope it proves substantial enough for my eventual readers to enjoy. I think it’s shaping up pretty well so far, action sequences, devastation, intrigue and mystery come thick and fast, though I think on the rewrite I might go for even more. Got to make that opening sweet.

I was so out of it today that I put water in the kettle, then poured it into my coffee granules. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except I forgot to turn the kettle on, let alone give it time to boil by magic. Turns out I love it like this, so I’m switching to cold coffees in the evenings. Should I really be drinking it at 23:21 at night? Well, probably not, but I should also have target long done by now and I’m playing chess. Still not quite got the hang of this ‘new lifestyle’…