April 16th, 2020 – 568 – Day thirty-one

I had the monumental joy of finding out in the time I’ve avoided weighing myself, I’ve put on 2 stone. Oh, joy of multiple joys. So as of today I’m on the 10,000 steps a day. Granted I have a hallway, front room and some stairs to work with so it’s a teeny bit repetitive, but I’ve done worse walks.

TFS is on the verge of 20,000 words. Ok so it’s on 19,000 words but I will hit that tomorrow. That’s anything from 1/4th to a 1/5th done depending on how the plot pans out. My gut tells me it’ll be the latter as I am loving this story. I feel a little as if I should extend TSS to match, but the word count is arbitary compared to the flow. A story is as long as it needs to be.

Now to crash for the evening. Well, after I’ve opened my digital Ikoria packs…