April 15th, 2020 – 567 – Day thirty

First day back at work after the Easter weekend plus one, because I booked the Tuesday off to buffer my birthday. Seems a little meaningless on the face of it, but it did give me carte blanche to ignore my emails for another day. I’m now back to combing through tasks as normal and getting as much done as I can, and the break seems to have helped that. I’m hoping to have all the current requests from my inbox – now sorted into Trello – sorted by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.

I managed to write another 2,200 words of TFS before I went into work mode today, so that helps bolster the word count quite nicely. I find now that I have a formula that applies to stories I write, it’s much easier for me to jump into a new novel and feel where the beats should be. The stories themselves may be at times so different as to mask those points, but the natural flow lets me put structure to the back of my mind and focus on making a more gripping narrative. I think thrillers might become one of my favourite story types going forwards.

Lockdown life continues on as ‘normal’, whatever that means. The one thing I’ve found is people are reaching out to me a lot more than they used to, what with everyone having more mental space to think than they would at normal times. My only grievance is my grandparents insist on listening to the news every day. I’m getting better at tuning it out and work to change the subject in as delicate manner as I can when my grandad brings it up. It’s a tricky balance, as I do want them to be able to discuss their thoughts and feelings, but I don’t want to have it always ‘there’. Lord knows it’s ‘there’ enough as it is.

Short note on when I post – not that anyone is reading but me – but I’m going to move in a slow transition back to posting during the day itself. I am after all trying to emulate normal life again as best I can.