April 14th, 2020 – 566 – Day twenty-nine

TFS is skirting the 16,000 word mark, but I’m trying not to push myself for the sake of round numbers, which is harder than you’d think to resist. It’s a silly thing to drive yourself to do given that when editing you tend to gut the average scene like a fish with bits you don’t trust. Heck half the time whole scenes go in the bin. I chucked out half a scene of VOL that got me in a pinch today. Turned out it was important to the plot and I had to restore some 700 words. Incidentally, this is why I advocate never deleting anything. In a writing sense I mean, don’t go voiding GDPR on my account.

Back to work tomorrow which will be, interesting. I’m better rested now but it’s going to take a while to get back into the work mindset again. Privacy might be tough but I’ll need to work on not getting distracted. I’m thinking as a new model, I set a 4 hour timer when I start working, break for lunch, and then a three hour timer afterwards. If I do that and pick up the odd email around those times I’ll make up my hours on longer projects. Anyway it’ll be a test, if I don’t feel I’m working long enough I’ll just make it a 4 and 4. I’ve got a healthy queue including some backlog still, but I think everybody does right now.

My box set of the Goodies should arrive some time in the next two weeks. I hadn’t realised they’d made the whole collection available, or the whole BBC collection anyway – the ITV years are a separate DVD. I imagine this will be enough to keep me busy in the short term though, Tim, Bill and Graham helping keep my spirits up. I’m listening through ISIHAC again too of course. On a tangent, I’m also hoping to get back into a few of my old favourite point and click games in the evenings, as a nice wind-down activity. Padding my day with things like that – and changing the subject whenever covid-19 comes up – are helping keep the nasty buzz away.

I hope I do write full time one day. Dividing my life in two like this is all well and good, but I could produce so much more content right now. I think as the years go on I’ll only get more and more efficient at generating and polishing new stories, but what can I say, I’m impatient. I want to write them all now and share right away. It takes a lot of restraint not to hit ‘publish all’ on the two novels on WattPad right now. I have to remind myself that is an entire year of content I would be dumping in a single day. Cannot imagine it would look great from a data point of view.