April 13th, 2020 – 565 – Day twenty-eight

Today marks – almost – four weeks in quarantine. As if tomorrow at 5pm I’ll hit that milestone, with what feels like a mini lifetime of experiences. I imagine many books will be written about this time. Not sure I’ll be among them – TBS is set in 2021 and TEL 2023 so it is inevitable it’ll come up. That of course isn’t to say I’ve not been affected. My post yesterday shows that much.

Today was a good birthday. I’ve written it up in my journals but as a highlights reel, got to see mum and step dad through the window talking over phone; spoke to extended family on Zoom; watched The Goodies in the evening. I’ve got the complete box set on the way. I only found out you could buy it yesterday, and snapped it up first chance I got.

TFS is coming along nicely, close to 15,000 words now. Strange to think I can write in a fortnight what it used to take a month to do. Maybe in a year I’ll pull that off in a week! One can only hope. It’s turning into an action packed thriller, and I quite like the faced paced mystery genre. I may have to do a few more books like this in future. But for now off to bed.

Today was a good day. This will pass.