April 11th, 2020 – 563 – Day twenty-six

The National Theatre’s production of Jane Eyre is beautiful. There are many reasons this is my favourite book, not least the inspiring character of Jane herself. She’s tough, and she’s brave. It’s a book, a story that reminds you what can be overcome by a strong will and great mind. They’ve done an incredible job capturing it. If you haven’t watched it, do so now. It’s on YouTube right now.

I wrote another 1,250 words of TFS, which wasn’t so easy today as I’m flying a little blind in the plot. I know the structure and beats but even those are apt to change as they always must be. It’s a different way of writing to be sure, but one to be honest I find suits me better than I thought it would. I’m excited to see where this story goes.

Today we got a note through our front door. The new neighbours across the street were due to be married today, but they had to postpone from the virus. The note was from another neighbor who suggested we all go out to raise a glass to the couple. Everyone maintained distance, but it was a beautiful sight, a display of coming together. They just moved into the house I grew up in for 18 years. I hope they have a great life there.

My routine does at last feel under control. Tomorrow is my last day of my 27th year and it’s been, a strange one. I wonder how introspective I’ll be, or if I’ll just be looking onwards and upwards with optimism a year from now. My guess is honestly the latter.