April 9th, 2020 – 561 – Day twenty-four

On holiday for 5 days now, which I’ve needed for sure. No alarm tonight, I will sleep in as long as I need to to catch up on lost rest. Either that or I get ill, and right now the latter is not an option. I have no doubt after this all blows over I am going to feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train. But that’s ok, I’m adjusting, I can adjust again. But this year is a suitable train wreck for a partnering metaphor. At least things are feeling a little more normal now.

There weren’t that may people out to clap for keyworkers tonight. Not sure why that was, but we went out all the same. That was about the most interesting part of today to be honest, but right now I’ll take non-days over excitement every time. When the world is burning I’m not keen to watch what the embers touch in turn. My work queue is under control, we finished listening to our first audiobook together which was, well I didn’t mind it but grandparents felt it was naff. Won’t name the work/author for obvious reasons.

On my own writing – and in spite of the huge disruption to normal life, I am averaging my old 10k in 9. In fact this month I went into today already on 9k, meaning it was a 9k in 8, which is a blistering pace if I keep it up. I might, as I do find things flow easier now I type, and I end up doing the start of a next chapter even if 1K got me to the end of the last. I used to worry about that because it’s easy to waffle doing that, but in my head now I’m pacing where I want the beats to go and finding it easier to nail that in the first draft. Can only e a good sign.

I was going to publish a short story around now on the original plan, but that has kind of dissipated now. I want to write A Plane Named George, but I haven’t found the voice I want to use for it yet. I’m torn between a Douglas Adams style whimsy and something more akin to my normal emotion-driven story, with the solution I imagine being in the middle. VOL was sort of that, but ended up less gag-driven than I first expected. I’m glad about that in hindsight, not because I take the story too seriously, but because it is after all a story about emotions.

Keep pouring over my cube planning card upgrades and the like, then remembering that there’s no way I will ever get the components posted to me at a time like this. That sounds like such a trivial disruption, and believe me, it absolutely is. Does make you think though how easy it is to take for granted the ‘always available’ world, and how simple it was until now to get anything you dreamed of right at your door with next to no notice. I wonder in a way if that might change the way society operates afterwards. But I doubt it.