April 8th, 2020 – 560 – Day twenty-three

I’ve perfected home made Affo Gato. There is a glass I really like at my grandparents house which is just the right size and width for it, good for a scoop of soft vanilla left to half melt in an intense shot of espresso. It’s the kind of drink that spurs the mind and warms the heart in the same sip. It’s a good metaphor for what life these last few weeks has been like too. Dropped into the hurly burly of uncertainty I found myself feeling as if I were melting too. Now, I realise I was, but thatit was only to adjust and become in sync with a new way of life.

Work kicks off each day at 9am. Some days I will come down, eat breakfast at 8:30 and then hop into the lounge and work from there. Others I feel more out of it – late nights of writing for you – and I do the morning from the PC beside my bed. In either case, by 1pm I will have showered, taken stock and if I take a small breather, usually hit my Magic Arena daily goals. We eat lunch together as a family, and then it’s onto the afternoon sprint. We watch the latest Downing Street conference at 5pm because, that’s what you do. Then at 6, we eat home cooked food and listen to crime novels. I’ve switched from wine to squash to preserve the reserve.

We alternate whose choice it is for the film each night. Today grandad chose Midnight Cowboy (1969), a sad tale of life at the bottom rungs of being an impoverished utility and swindler. It’s a powerful film, the kind I might not otherwise have gotten around to watching were it not for this crisis. Then I end up at my keyboard, by myself, and if my head is screwed on right I write. As is often the case, I’m knackered from not moving around enough so I end up on Arena again, and then switch to novels at nearer 11pm. Last night I watched a video of a garlic bread being sent into space. At the end it tried to loop the video. I can empathise with that up and down.

Or maybe I’m just being silly. You have to be at times like this, but I don’t think I’m doing all that bad. Yes I am taking a while to get my head on straight, and so is everyone else. My new novel is coming along well, and looks as if it will see completion before this strange micro era of history comes to a close. The funny, or slightly messed up part about my series is I was already skipping 2020 as a year in the cannon, and events unseen were going to rise certain characters to prominence, so my works will adapt. And, though I’m taking my time about it, so will I.