April 6th, 2020 – 558 – Day twenty-one

So today was a Monday, and not too unlike most other Mondays. I got up, had breakfast – that’s a little new – and got to work. I cleared a bunch of my queue, albeit still leaving 30 or so jobs to finish up with net ins and outs. But all of this happened from home. Today marks three weeks of isolation, though it won’t be until 4pm tomorrow that it becomes a full three weeks. It’s still surreal, and only moreso with what’s going on in the world. Now the Prime Minister is in intensive care and the country is left pretty rudderless, even more so.

Keeping things in a realm I can get my head around, TFS is now at a word count of 6,400 words. This right on the back of WHT is sweet enough, but today also saw another pretty neat development. So I’ll leave you with this: WHT has a cover.

William Howard Taft did Everything cover.png