April 5th, 2020 – 557 – Day twenty

Just finished up a pretty successful writing session. TFS as a story has a framework, but it is by far the vaguest I’ve worked with in years. I want to write more stories in this way because it feels a lot more natural; plot emerging as you go, twists easier to embed. I like having scaffolding, but as I have improved – I hope not an audacious statement – I’ve needed less and less. Also I love Kim as a character already. She needs a little more sparkle, but she’d come out strong, which I really wanted to see.

Quarantine is still weird, but I am getting the hang of it. Yesterday however, boy, the wheels came off. I do not like short-changing the blog with abbreviated vaguries. Yesterday I had no choice, and I did not sleep until 4am. In short, technology hated me. My laptop of 4 years broke, followed by my grandfather’s 20 minutes later after I tried installing Arena on it as a back up. It took 8 hours but I managed to fix his. Mine, well the hard drive is corrupt. I was a ball of stress and angst to say the least.

Today was a breath of fresh air by comparison. I got the laptop finished up for grandad, an offer of a replacement from my sister who not for the first time proves she is an angel to me, and as an unexpected sidewinder of fireworks on the random, I have a new TV! Well, not new, and not new to me either. It’s the one set up in my bedroom at my grandparents, but my uncle is giving it to me as and I quote: ‘ten years worth of presents’. Honestly this thing is huge, so I am more than overjoyed with that kind of generosity!

I am very lucky that when I stumble, I have a strong net to catch me. None of these stories would be possible without my family’s support.