April 3rd, 2020 – 555 – Day eighteen

I’ve been typing the suffix to my blog post title for as long as my memory goes back without force. That goes to show that to an extent, I am now used to quarantine. It’s still, uncanny, but I am starting to find my groove. Too many late nights, too little push for efficiency. My work queue is down to 33 open jobs, and I should clear that by mid next week. I have been graced with another day of TFS, and in this case a small backtrack. I wrote a prologue, because as much as I like Kim’s introduction, I wanted to give the audience a few chills before the entree.

Why does it have to be 13 days until Ikoria comes out? I am so impatient for the new set it hurts right now. But I am pacing myself and trying out a wide variety of decks in prep for the new meta. I switched to that at 5pm from workmode and it helped me relax a lot. I think Magic is becoming a pretty central part of my routine now, helping me deal with the residual shocks to my system. What I really have to sort though is the fatigue, but when I get this tired, I end up staying up too late. That feels like it’s the wrong way round, but it is that way for me.

It’s my birthday in ten days. I thought that I would be far too distracted to care, but to my credit Christmas and Birthdays still excite me as much as an adult as they did as a child. The former does also stress me too, so the latter is pretty pure enjoyment for me. I feel better when I focus on that, as a thing to work towards and relax during. Having goals and guranteed things to enjoy coming up help keep me sane. So on that note, I have solidified a deadline as my next stop off: June 30th. That is when I want a finished draft of TFS.

But for now, sleep…