April 1st, 2020 – 553 – Day sixteen

I can’t keep doing this. I’ve been kidding myself for the longest time now that everything is ok, and that no matter what, 1K will always persevere. I have lied to myself, and have at last come to the conclusion that to lie further would only do more harm. That is why this is to be my last ever blog post, and from now on, I will be turning in my pens and switching back to my old ways. It’s been a good run. So long guys.

Nah just kidding.

So I decided that rather than my original plan of an editing sprint, I would much rather hit the ground running with TFS now, and then pivot over to editing on good days where I hit target early and still feel able to push ahead. I haven’t set a target for TFS yet, but I suppose based on my last effort and in the interests of stretching myself, June 30th seems like a good benchmark. That is 91 days inclusive of today, and seems about the length of time I would like to turn out my books in. At that pace, 4 a year can become the norm, and if I get faster who knows, maybe 5.

I was joking in that first paragraph, but it would be disingenuous to say that I am in 100% good health. I’m knackered from an email queue that never appears to shrink, and a fatigue that can only be down to lack of movement and exercise, lack of hydration, and the immolation of any sense of routine I once had. That is not to say that my ‘new routine’ is all bad. My eating habits are a lot more regular, and I should be able to do the same for my sleep if I can do so for my writing. And I’m playing and enjoying much more competitive Magic. Still get super salty when I’m losing but it’s a start.

Life hasn’t been this busy in a long time, and keeping up with it is proving hard to do. I picked the worst time to transition away from Trello, that is for certain. I have to fix that soon as I know there are jobs I am losing track of every day. If yours is one of those, I do apologise. There is little doubt I am burned out of my skull right now, but I do have to right that ship. That’s what I am being paid to do. Or more, it’s not, and I need to get more of said stuff done and spend less time overwhelmed. I do hate my brain sometimes.