March 30th, 2020 – 551 – Day fourteen

I wrote 1,900 words today. And with that, I have finished typing up the second draft of William Howard Taft did Everything. There are some big holes to plug in this story to be sure, whole sections that don’t sound right, hanging messages I need to trim off and a heck of a lot of stuff to chuck in the trash. But it is done. 108,000 words, so near enough my later estimate when I realised we weren’t writing 75k stories anymore. I’m pretty pleased with that all told. I need to cut at least 10k and probably closer to 15k, but that can all come in time. I have the next 9 days for editing and rewriting three novels.

I will start with VOL. I haven’t uploaded a chapter of that today because I was busy with work and then had a packed evening, but I’ll do so tomorrow. That one will be edited on WattPad itself for the most part, but I’ll upload the last few chapters as drafts once they’ve been through Hemingway to clear off the rough edges. Then VOL is getting a top to bottom ‘whatever sounds right in my head’ edit. It’ll get some adverbs back. It’ll get stuff lopped off that I can’t defend anymore. And most of all, it’ll be gutted like a 200 year old bathroom.

And then, I do the same with Spectrum. Then I’ll do it to WHT. And once I’m done, I’ll give TUS another look over to be safe. Once I have done all that, I’ll have four finished novels to my name and enough content to get me through into March of next year. I haven’t written much about quarantine because, to put it bluntly, it’s the last thing on my mind right now.