March 29th, 2020 – 550 – Day thirteen

I’ve not done too bad this weekend all considered. After arriving at the end of yesterday’s post, and my things arriving just after an extended decontamination shower, I found myself quite at ease in my new day to day life. I am under a lot less anxiety now the walk and the move are both done, and that I know I am set up for the foreseeable future. The only issue I have at the moment is my ruined sleep schedule, but I will manage tomorrow at work. Ok, it will be super unpleasant being sleep deprived with the deluge of work emails and my long backlog, but everybody is in the same boat. It’ll all get sorted, and it is all in hand.

WHT is looking darn good. The story now sits at the cusp of 105,000 words, and the final chapter leading into the epilogue is all but good to go. Were it not for the lateness of the hour I would I imagine sprint to the finish tonight. Or, well if it weren’t a work night I would do that. As it is, I am confident that I will have the whole saga wrapped up before the end of March, and then enter my grand edit phase. VOL and then WHT under the microscope, all the chaff cut, all the gold polished and a few puffs of Febreze to seal the deal. Is it a good story? Hell yes. Is it well written? Eeeh, it’s passable but clunky, and at least 10K too long. I also need to sync the story beats into the right place.

It will be a while before I am firing on all cylinders at work again. Even so, I am making great progress by not falling apart with all this change going on around me. I do not suit the upheaval of this pandemic but I can bend it to work for me with enough effort. I can only apologise to the people waiting on me to finish building them guides and classroom resources. I’m glad at least that I managed to get most of this done before my brain caught fire at the start of March. Also of note, while this month has been almost, almost as rough on my mental health as a general election, March 2020 looks set to be my best month for main story content ever. Can’t say much fairer than that.