March 27th, 2020 – 548 – Day eleven

Today was long, gruelling and I still have emails from last week to deal with. No offence to anyone still waiting for a reply, but like, what, 80% of you are asking for stuff that has nothing to do with me. You just assume it’s me because I have a vague-technology job and I can ‘direct’ you. Newsflash, that’s what the helpdesk is for. Usually I won’t put anything negative to do with work on here, mostly because there isn’t anything most of the time, but man, I hope you see this if you are part of that 4/5ths. Ok, rant over.

Besides that glowing little dump that is borderline HRable, I am doing, ok there is no point in pretending I am alright. I discovered over these last few days that I have transitioned into much more of an extrovert than I realised. Not you know, full-on, but I have after years learned to enjoy social company rather than feel awkward and dumb, and now it’s all gone. I am craving contact. God I miss Mana. I miss my work desk. I miss the damn hot’n’cold water filter. My coworkers laughed when I said it helped me get through the day. I was not joking.

Jeez ok all stylization rules out the window for this post it seems? Whatever.

I wrote 1,550 words of WHT just now, bringing the story to 102,500. Final estimate is something like 4,800 more, and I imagine one of the remaining days this month I will sprint out the last leg of it in one go, likely another 3-4k day like earlier this week. I have to say, writing is what is keeping me sane right now. When I was 18/19 writing drove me insane, so what a difference a decade makes. Then again I spent my first 7 years or so as a ‘writer’ disliking writing. Funny that when something becomes the love of your life you kind of don’t go coocoo doing it.

So tomorrow is a big day, and is part of what made today so hectic. I spent a long time packing, and at 11am tomorrow I will be leaving this building for the first time in almost two weeks. It’s going to be, surreal. It’s a 20-minute walk to my grandparents, and it’s going to feel like being an escaped convict the whole way. It fits within two of the government exceptions for leaving the house – medical assistance to the needy and daily exercise – but man, I am anxious out of my skull right now. And paranoid I’ll somehow pick up covid-19 en route. That is so dumb it doesn’t deserve a second thought, but hey, unmedicated paranoia. Spicy. What was I talking about? Oh right so I will hop in the shower as soon as I get to their house, and even then I will worry. But what can you do?

Right time to switch off. And by that, I mean switch off this computer, put it in a box and put it with the other stuff. I reallyhope I haven’t forgotten anything…