March 26th, 2020 – 547 – Day ten

Today was a looooomg day. Apart from spending a long time grinding through work tasks, I also packed. I’ve now got most of what I’ll need at my grandparents packed up minus my work equipment and PC. It feels a bit surreal but thankfully with my Bullet Journal restored to its former glory, I was able to work through most of what I had to do with ease.

On WHT, I have now hit 100k, and for that matter 101k. The final wordcount looks likely to be 106/7k, and will be wrapped up before the end of the month. Of note, that little one day sprint seems like it didn’t have repocussions. So a 3-4k day once in a while when my gut says it’s ok is tolerable. I hit target before 10am too today so that was a welcome shift.

My mental health is improving, perhaps because I’ll be having company soon enough. For now I’m going to get some sleep, and hopefully wake up to a smooth sailing day tomorrow. Here’s hoping. Who knows, I might even sprint.