March 25th, 2020 – 546 – Day nine

Today is a big day. It’s been a long few weeks, but after 12 days of failing to write stuff down in it, I used Trello today to fill in TWELVE days of bullet journaling. I have my lifeline back, and man does it feel good. It took two and a quarter hours of non-stop handwriting and transcribing to pull it off, including a forward explaining the situation, but it’s a weight off my chest to have it back. I’ve felt quite rudderless without it. Is that sad? Not really. We all have our crutches, and this is mine, along with 1K. Unlike 1K it looked like BuJo wasn’t going to survive for me. A tiny bit of order restored.

I now need to finish target before I can sleep, but I do feel on a roll so I have no doubt I can wrap that up in record time. Apart from that, today’s been, almost normal, if a bit dragged out. I helped several people, designed user guides, did normal worky stuff. But it’s not normal, and it is still freaking me out a bit I have to move in less than a week. I’m also looking forward to it though as it is unbelievable how lonely I’ve been. Turns out, I am more of an extrovert than I realised. I’m still an introvert, but we all sit on a spectrum, don’t we. I do as it turns out need in-person company more often than the odd food delivery.

WHT is looking pretty great to be honest. It’ll likely come close to if not hit 100,000 words today, and will in either case by this time tomorrow, meaning for now pre-edits it’s my longest* story. It won’t stay that way, there’s plenty of chaff, but I feel pretty good about how it’s come out. If I do wrap up on or before the 31st, I won’t start on TFS until the 9th of April. In between, I will be editing VOL and WHT to polish and improve them for primetime, and if I have room, I may even write A Planet Named George now after all. Point is, I’m staying positive, and focusing on what I can control. I think that’s all any of us can do right now.


*Original Service to Ore doesn’t count because screw that pile of, well I can’t say that in polite words so I won’t…