March 24th, 2020 – 545 – Day eight

So there it is. The UK is pretty much in lockdown at last. Were we right to wait? I guess we will see. For my own part, I’ve been in isolation, only seeing delivery drivers at a distance and mum twice to drop off supplies in the same way, for eight days. I am starting to get over the weirdness of the whole thing, and regaining my past productivity. I got a lot done ‘at work’, and also a lot done in my writing too. Today was, well quite a big day. How big? 3,700+ words big.

I do ‘sprint to the finish’ with most projects, but with this one, I was eyeing the March 31st ‘mid-deadline’ that I want to hit and decided what the heck, one intense day won’t kill me. It also helps make up for a long series of near-enough exact 1K days, where I like to try and average 1,100. I will not be ‘chaining’ days like this, and maybe it was not even a good idea today, but the advantage of finishing long before the 8th of April is under my new schedule, that gives me several free days.

I intend to spend those free days outside of work and being there for relatives doing one thing: hitting target by editing. VOL is ok in its current form, but it needs a lot of polish. WHT is much the same. I want to spend that week-long stretch polishing the word-I-don’t-use-on-this-site out of both. I’m itching for that chance and looking forward to re-reading the stories because, hey, I enjoy the story. I’m biased, yes, and I need to be careful of that, but it will be nice all the same.

I’ve no idea what lies ahead from here. I may move on Saturday as planned; I may move today. But As of today, I have spent an equivalent of one week in self-imposed exile from the world. I’m not presenting symptoms, and for the most part, I am not insane. Yet.