March 22nd, 2020 – 543 – Day six

When I said I was thinking about doing these posts a little later during the quarantine, this is not quite what I had in mind. However all my writing is done, so this is a good way of making sure I wrap this up in 10 minutes so I can still post it today. I spent most of today on Animal Crossing and Magic Arena to be honest, and in doing so tried to switch off and have a day of relaxed fun. On any other day of the year, today would have been perfect. I ate nice food, watched cute foxes from my window, and had an aimless wander through the things I enjoy goofing off with.

But right now, it’s hard to stay lost in things. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in a panic over Covid-19. To be blunt I am far more worried about the slippery slope of giving Boris Johnson emergency powers but that’s not something I want to go into here. I managed to write a great scene tonight, fix a slight issue I had with wanting a slightly cheeky scene but not wanting to make it tasteless, and all in all, I feel accomplished. But with the world falling apart, I struggle to feel much of that right now. It’s there, but it’s being drowned out.

I just wish the paracetamol wasn’t running out, because the stress has been setting off my headaches, and I am a little worried about this one turning into a migraine. That probably wouldn’t hurt my immune system, but I’d rather not test the odds. If all goes well, in a week I’ll be moving in with my grandparents, and we’ll all get through this with a lot less drama. Work is going to be surreal tomorrow. I don’t know if any work people read this – I doubt it – but those non-techie types don’t worry: it’s just as weird and uncomfortable for me doing my work at a distance as it is for you. Stay safe my imaginary readers.