March 21st, 2020 – 542 – Day five

Darn maths in the title. I ended up getting confused because I know the page number of my personal journal is 4 behind the total days of 1K, as I only started it on October 1st, 2018.  But I found out I duplicated the number 532 in the page numbering and only just spotted the irregularity. It’s fine but I forgot how to add 4 to a number, so was convinced this was meant to be 543. Four days away from college and I’ve already forgotten basic maths. Ok, that’s a lie, I forgot basic maths years ago.

I wrote another 1K of WHT today, bringing it to 93,000 words. To think I used to believe I’d only ever write 75K stories. I’ve learned my lesson: a novel is as long as it is. I imagine TFS will be a 75K story, in the same way that WAN – as much as I hate it – is probably a 90K story. Those are rough guesses, but they speak to the way each story only needs so many words, but does need that many too.  Moreover, I actually really like the words I’ve written these last few days, which is nice as I was in a rut of dislike for quite a while.

I just put up the two missing VOL chapters just now. I feel better now that’s done, but still knackered. I spoke to my mum and granny on the phone today, and I have got to say if you are in isolation too, call people. You will not believe the difference it makes to your mood. And also, if you have a Switch, download Animal Crossing. It’s been such a weight off my shoulders to have that world to escape into. To be frank, if you don’t have a switch but have one of the older games, dust off that. You can’t put a premium on distraction of any kind right now.