March 19th, 2020 – 540 – Day three

I think in the absence of a normal routine, I might make a switch to doing these posts in the evening. Granted I only hit target some 16 minutes ago so it kinda stands to reason I’m only doing this now, but I think as a reflection of where my mind is at during this weird time, end of day > start of day.

So what did I do today? A lot. There is still a long queue of emails I need to get to in my workload, and to be blunt, I think it’s time to accept my job is one that needs Trello. I plan on relaunching that tomorrow. Of note, all my BuJo notes for the last few days are still on there too, since Saturday. Boy how a world can change in a heartbeat. I mean, I kind of saw this coming, but only in the vague ‘I guess this could happen’ sense, and only for the last two weeks or so. At the start of March, I would have scoffed at the idea of twelve-to-sixteen weeks of isolation, which is the reality I’m now facing.

So, why so long? Granted some places will lock everyone down like that with no exceptions at this time, but not the UK. I am 27, and not deemed ‘at-risk’, so why would I isolate at all? The answer ties in why I have been so cryptic for the last few weeks about why I was feeling so down. I have an elderly family member who is potentially unwell. Not coronavirus, and they’ve been in isolation for a few weeks now. They are strong and independent, but everyone is struggling right now, and I see it as nothing short of family duty to help out. When I was asked to I didn’t give it a second thought. I imagine most people would be the same.

So, I’m in solo isolation until next Tuesday, and then I’ll be looking after them, even if it just ends up being as company. Grammarly is telling me I’m being imformative but gloomy, so let’s focus on a lighter note. I’m lucky to have a job I can do in tandem with a task like this, and that I have a new Animal Crossing game arriving in the post to help give me some escape from the world being on fire. But most of all, I’m lucky I have my writing. I do not think that the me of yesteryear would be coping right now at all.