March 13th, 2020 – 534

Today is going to be a little strange, because by the time the day is over, I will be on my second personal bullet journal. It looks as if I will fill four to five of these a year with ease, and it is helping me a lot. My longform journal entries help me keep my eyes on my longterm goals. So, it stands to reason my bullet journal with it’s in the moment focus helps me with all the shortterm stuff. There are bits of the method that work for me, more than a few that don’t, but on the whole this has been a positive change for me.

As with many parts of my life, the weekend is the ultimate stress-test. I have to rest up a lot at the moment because my fatigue has been getting more pronounced. For quite a while, I’ve been keeping my logs on Trello, and on Monday dropping everything into the journal. That’s less than ideal, and it contradicts the other pillars of my life, which demand to be ‘done’ each day. I will carry on with the experiment as the benefits outweigh the costs, but that daily part has to join. In part, this is a reflection of how I don’t spend my weekends at a desk.

Outside of that, WHT is going well – though I wrote at 9:30pm in the end so that was less than ideal. I have a good idea of my trajectory, and though I still forsee roadbumps ahead in the plot, it’s nothing I can’t deal with. My main issue is that I am not banking much above a thousand each day at the moment. Yes “1K is Enough”, but it’s tough when I’ve been averaging 1,100 for several weeks. But if I can rest up, get past a few personal hurdles and keep my head, I’ll get back to that point. Just gotta keep writing each day.