March 11th, 2020 – 532

Sorry for the later entry today; it’s been a busy day at work and I didn’t want to break my flow. Now I’m in the quieter part of the day, I have time to gather my thoughts, and reflect on whether to count today as a failure. That’s harsh, and to be fair not the view I have of today, but on paper, it should be one. Today was the deadline I set myself to finish WHT. It is day 71 of the year, and of this project. I finished TSS in close to the same stretch of time, so why not WHT?

Well that’s where this gets curious, albeit familiar. The issue I hit was the same one I faced in typing up VOL, and the reason I’m still nervous about typing first drafts. WHT is a lot longer than I first thought it would be. Now, to be clear, I will cut huge swathes of what I’ve written. 

As I did with VOL – and intend to do again after it’s had time to fement – I will purge all the ‘meh’ and worse. I will replace some like for like, but other parts I’ll amputate and quarantine. Does that sound repulsive? Yes, but have you read some of my early draft prose? Well, no, because I don’t post that. Except here. Imagine all this, but in story form. Yeah, not pretty.

But is this a failure? Well I kinda buried the lead in saying I don’t see it as one, but devil’s advocate, it’s a planning failure. I allocated 71 days. and my best guess is I will need closer to 91, if not 100. 91 should do it, but I can’t gurantee that. This would be a finish of the 31st of March. As it is, my deadline is April 9th. I still find it amusing that I will have written the same book twice in the space of a year. Even now that feels slow; I could do this much quicker now. 

If I am switching to a 90% typed model – with only TWO and TEL handwritten – then 100 days per book is more than ok. I could even spare more than that in theory. In practice, life happens, and I don’t want to assume I’ll never have a day of 1K where I don’t write main story content. I’d rather get them done faster to leave more time for editing, seeing as I’m sacraficing all that rewrite time. 

Anyway while it’s ‘quieter’ now, I do need to get back to work. I wonder what will happen if we’re all quarantined at home? I hope that doesn’t happen. Altrusitc hat on, that would mean a lot of chaos and upset for a lot of people. But no point in lying, its my selfish fear of losing my day structure that’s screwing with my head at the moment. I just hope the fact I’ll still have ‘work’ to do will help preserve some order.