March 10th, 2020 – 531

I seem to be back in sync with my desired routine for the most part. We had a team meeting this morning so I wasn’t able to write my blog post as I was prepping for that. That aside though, I am for the most part in my normal flow. Health wise I am about 50:50. I’m ok, but there’s a few telltale signs of me getting run down. I can’t see why I would be getting ill, as I took a recovery day on Friday. One thing is for sure: if I didn’t take that rest day, I would be ill by now. 

WHT hit 80,000 words today. In a bygone era, I assumed I would be writing the epilogue at this point. Instead, I am entering the third act, which means a total of 110,000 words – did I write that yesterday? I don’t know. Point is that I am not going to finish by that initial deadline of, well, tomorrow. That’s alright. It wouldn’t be at alright if I were still handwriting all my first drafts, but that old method retired, I should have plenty of time. My new deadline is thirty days from now, which should be more than enough. If WHT manages to climb to 120,000 words then we may have a problem. 

Yesterday I designed a collection in my bullet journal of stories I want to write. That is in addition to the remaining ten books of the series, but I don’t want to wait until 2023 to write them. I wish I could write more without getting ill. It’s stupid; I am more than capable of writing several thousand words a day, as long as it’s between a few projects. 1K of main, 1K of webserial or short. That should work, but there’s a problem: I’m anxious about getting ill. Is all this because I wrote 10K of Clockspinning in one go? Maybe, maybe not. I’m so sick of this chronic fatigue I keep running head first into. I wish I knew why I’m like this.