Match 8th, 2020 – 529

I will be keeping this one a bit shorter, and sorry again for the late post. I have tried to rest up and zone out as much as possible this weekend, and fingers crossed it’s helped. WHT is at 78,400 words, so there’s a chance, albeit remote, that it hits 80k tomorrow. Tuesday will be the 70th day of the type-up, meaning I’m working at above an 8K a week average. That’s phenomenal pace for me, and not far off of 35k a month.

I still think I can hit 40k a month. In fact across all my projects including here I more than smash that, coming only a bit short of NaNoWriMo’s threshold. But for now 35K is great pace, and it means I can turn out 110,000 words of content per new sprint. It’ll be interesting to see if that holds up when I type the first draft of TFS. For now though enough writing, it’s time to sleep. Night y’all imaginary folk.