March 7th, 2020 – 528

Sorry for the late one but I’ll try not to leave it too short. I’ve been resting up and trying to let my mind get back on control a bit these last two days. It’s been, mostly a success. I do feel ready to face work again on Monday at full power, and I’ve gotten a lot of WHT done. I’ll be sleeping more or less right after this so that’s getting back on track.

I guess if I’m still lagging in one area it’s my anger levels at home. Not at people, at games. I try to play Magic Arena to relax but it gets me so riled up at the moment. Also I need to fix my diet, because ‘mixing bowl of pasta’ – a go-to dish of mine has become a teensy bit too regular. I mean, at least it soaks up the whiskey?

I kid a bit, though less about the quantity of pasta. That really is a problem. Today I made homemade pizzas with a friend, and blew my head off with Armogeddon chilli’s. Sometimes I handle them no problem and sometimes I go nutty. Weirdest thing. But hey, I’ve relaxed, and I’ll sort my diet soon. I’ll update a bit more tomorrow but for now, it’s time to switch off.