March 2nd, 2020 – 523

It’s a bit strange, how I struggle to work over the weekend on projects in any kind of time efficiant way. Funny, because when I get to my work desk, I can clear multiple email inboxes, backlogged tasks, and track several open loops at once. Why is it I can’t be this on top of my work at home? I didn’t even post the latest chapter of VOL over the weekend. That involved copying and pasting it from Google Docs into WattPad and hitting ‘Publish’. It baffles me; it’s good that at least I hit target on weekends, which to be fair isn’t easy.

I want this kind of order outside of work, but the problem is I end up so shattered by the weekend that my discipline goes out the window. Studies that I would cite if I had the time, but I can at least reference appear in the writings of Charles Duhigg say willpower is a finite resource. That means if you use it up, you can’t force yourself to have more out of nowhere. What I need to do though is exercise that mental muscle so I can have more in general. Question is, how do I do that? And am I being fair to myself to set that goal? If I do have fatigue from some unknown source, is that a realistic target?

Ok let’s break this down. First off, that is an awful target. It isn’t specific or measurable. By definition it then isn’t achievable, which means I can’t call it realistic. Heck I didn’t even set a deadline so it sure as heck isn’t time bound. So lets SMART things up a notch. I want to ‘achieve at least two writing-related tasks outside 1K each weekend in March.’ That’s not hyper-specific, but if we wanted to improve it I suppose I could say those include publicity, publishing VOL and short story work. Contacting agents or submitting to contests could count too. I can measure it with the ‘2’ goal, it’s doable as I manage that a lot of the time anyway, it’s realistic because it’s not much of a step up. And April is my deadline.

Well this should prove interesting. 8 writing actions this month, 5 of which are ‘extra’. I’ve told you my ever diligent imaginary readers, so I am accountable – that erronious other A in SMART. This is a start, and I have time to think on it over this week. But it’s going to take more than a SMART target to get on top of weekends. One step at a time I guess.