February 26th, 2020 – 518

I deleted 1,500 words of WHT today. In normal circumstances, I never do big edits during a draft. If you make a habit of doing that you don’t get anything in the can at the end. Yes you might write something better if you edit as you go, but you should be doing that anyway when you edit. Mixing your stages doesn’t matter for some writers. It matters for me because I’m not as good as said writers. Few are, and I know a lot of amateurs who edit far, far too early.

But I made an excetption today, and I am glad that I did. The scene in question is one of the more important action centre pieces of the story, and I needed to be sure I nailed it. The actual nailing process will come in editing, but what I had was too far away from how I saw it in my head to leave it be. I could have done these edits later, but I felt the whole scene needed junking and rewriting to keep pace. I wrote 2,500 words in the end to replace the 1,500 I cut, to either way WHT got 1K longer.

Have a lot of small tasks to chip off at work today. I’m debating whether to rearrange my holiday again and take Friday off. I do not want to do that as I can’t spare too much from May or I wont get the break I need. I tend to book a day of leave on the opposite side of a bank holiday. That wat I get 4 day weekends, or 5 in Easter as that tends to include my birthday. I’d be sacraficing another of those if I pull holiday now. But I am running a little on empty, and geting a little worried about getting ill. Let’s say right now it’s not a great time right now to ‘look ill’,. Most people are sensible enough not to jump to conclusions, but I do not need that.