February 20th, 2020 – 512

Keeping this one short as I do have a fair amount of work to get through today, but man, yesterday, where do I begin. So I chipped at my new story idea throughout the day. That much isn’t abnormal, but the amount I chipped off was. It’s no surprise that half term is quieter. So, I had a few more windows than usual in the gaps I needed between what meaty tasks I have. I then got home and after giving up on Magic Arena, wrote more. And, well, I wrote 8,800 words of this story. It’s already up, you can read it at clockspinning.wordpress.com.

That made yesterday a 10,000 word day. To have that happen without breaking a sweat, whilst still doing all my work and then tidying the flat to boot? I know a writer should always have the words, but I don’t. It’s like sprouting wings you only dreamed of until that moment. I could glide, but out of nowhere I flew. The words came with ease, even in the evening where they came much slower. So next chance I get, I want to do more. Clockspinning is a story I see growing in time; it might even match The Service to Ore series one day, and out-word it at this rate. To be clear, this is not set in the same universe/multiverse model. I want to explore other mechanics. I even think Clockspinners could grow into an RP system.

Oh, and yes, I did name it after the Magic card, and I am now so tempted to pick up a foil one. I mean apart from anything it’s a great card.