February 19th, 2020 – 511

I wanna write a web novel. Ok back up, aren’t all my novels on the internet? Well, no, there’s at least one that is not and never will be, but besides that that’s not what a web novel is. A web novel is a serialised ongoing story. It is less concerned with traditional structure, though it contains arcs. In technical terms, my books are web novels, but their design, edits and formatting are in line with a print book. That’s rewarding, but it is quite a lot of added thought. I want to write an open ended story that I can keep adding to for a long time, with no pressure to make it printable. Also, a bit more cynacal here but may as well be honest, they’re easier to monatize. I’m talking Patreon and the like.

I have a concept that came to me out of nowhere on my walk into work today. I am going to sit down and start writing it as soon as I can. No planning, no thought of where it’ll go, this is an experiment in creativity. There is every chance this goes nowhere, as my ideas often do, but that’s ok too. I like this idea though; it’s part wish fulfilment, part horror, and just a bit of fun to top it off. I may abandon it by tomorrow or this might become a tandom to the main series. This will not replace the main stories though. Still, it might be fun. I’m not going to write any of it until I’ve written at least a thousand words of a main story each day. That’s the same restriction as my private journal and seems to work quite well.

Right, back to work.