February 17th, 2020 – 509

Starting to get back into the correct routine. I got lucky this morning as it is quiet over half term, and was able to chip off target inbetween emails. I didn’t have to switch my attention around that much, so I got the whole thing done super early. I decided to wait until close to lunch to write this up though as I don’t like using up all my break at once. If I space it out throughout the day I end up feeling a lot less burned out by the end of the day. Ok, so granted I don’t take my breaks in the usual sense. Even when I do a pinch of writing I’m monitoring emails and the like, but hey I like to keep on top of my work.

WHT is now 7,000 words ahead of 1K a day. That means that I am only a handful of good days away from putting the 11th of March into contention as a deadline. If I go over I go over, and it doesn’t solve the 120 day defecit if I pull it off; doesn’t grow it at least. On that score, I still don’t have much of a solution for that problem. I keep see-sawing between not handwriting the Horizon series, and writing it as one book in a 100 day sprint. That latter option is an odd one. If I still have my 10K in 9 ratio by hand – not guranteed – that’s 110,000 words. I then type that into 240,000 words? See it does not make sense, and I know I can’t do that. 

So why not type the Horizon books in first draft? Because it makes the end result much worse. Retyping a whole book is the same as writing the whole thing from scratch with more of an idea of the key moments. It makes the end result much deeper, and lets you explore whole new ideas that didn’t make it into the original. It also means you strip away a lot of the chaff that came along for the ride the first time round. That means less work in the 2nd rewrite, which is the one I do as I upload the book, but that’s the problem. If I type, that’s no longer the second rewrite at all. At most it’s a skim edit if I’m that pressed for time.

So option 3, is I cut my losses and move the deadline to April 13th, 2024. That is still a milestone, and yes, I like my birthday and despise New Year with a passion. But, it also means I’m waivering on my stretch goal. That in theory is a big no-no, and if I had done that before now, I would have never bothered making the improvements I have. As much as wedding myself to an arbitary goal feels awkward, it’s the price I have to pay. But if all those options don’t work, I need to do something to get those 120,000 words on top of a thousand each day.