February 16th, 2020 – 508

Last night was a late night after all. No regrets there, but I got home late enough that even with my writing done I slept close to 2am. Grim, and preventable. But, I got up today at 8:14, walked around a bit and thus preserved that record. I then went back to sleep until about 5 minutes ago. The weather outside is frightful, but the central heating is so delightful. No morning walk today, and despite how little sense it makes at a glance no morning writing today. I am still shattered, I need to wake myself up but slowly. So I’m going back on Magic Arena for a few hours and listening to The Wandering Inn. I will try not to write too late, but I need to have a bit of a release valve day to be ready for work next week.

Wish me luck.