February 14th, 2020 – 506

WHT is 50,939 words in length as of today. I have now worked on it for 45 days, which means that I have averaged 10K every nine days almost to the word. That kind of pace is great, far faster than I was this time last year, even after pushing for more story content. It does still put me on pace for 80K by the 11th of March, which sounds great until you consider predicted length. Right now, evidence suggests WHT is a 92-95K story. Even on the lower end of that, we’re looking at a finish line of March 22nd at the earliest.

So I have a resoviour of 40~ days over the next three and 3/4 years that I can dip into for extra time. This would take over a quarter of it. That means that despite my pace being about as lit as I could ever have dreamed, I’m not blazing a fast enough trail. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what to do about that. I care a lot about finishing the series before the end of 2023 because long term goals are vital motivation for me. ‘1K is enough’ is not something I want to amend any time soon, but even adding a hunded words to that does nothing. That’s because I already do add more. I am writing 10K every nine days, that’s an average of 1,111. In fact it’s more even than that, closer to 1,131. I would need an average of 1,300 at the start of a project to hit 92K in a sprint.

There is a part of me that wants to go “screw it lets do that!”, but that part of me has a short memory. 1K+ is still burned into my mind, and 300 extra words feels arbitary until you end up doing it. This is all ignoring a more glaring problem: handwriting. While a more unnerving issue though I do have an answer for this one: I’ll write the story for 71 days and finish it on the last day. If I plan what day I need to hit what beat of the story then that will keep me on track. Even as I write that though it feels too prescriptive. Letting myself have 80 days to write each story fixes the problem, but now it’s time for maths, which I know is what you all came here for!

Including typing WHT, I have 21 sprints between now and the end of 2023. This is 1,416 days excluding today. There are 26 days in this sprint left, so that leaves 1,390. Now, if we allow 9 extra days, that gives 1,381 days left to fit 20 sprints into. 80*20 = 1,600. That’s 219 days more than I have, or the equivilant of 60% of a year. It also equals a little under three sprints. Now, we can already take 80 days off of that, because screw The Wanderer I am writing that once and never again. That one is lucky if it gets edited after I finish it. That leaves 139 days over. If I push myself, I can cut sprints from 80 to 79 days; I always run to the finish line anyway, so why not embrace that?

This gives 120 days, or one and a half sprints. On the current model, at this point I have 32 spare days, or 41 if we factor in WHT. But if I keep that old model I gurantee that I will overshoot, as I can’t gurantee 120 2K days. Even if I could, some of those would make up the ’10K-in-9′ model I have at the moment. So, I would have to as well as The Wanderer type the first drafts of two other novels. I’ll come out and say it: if I typed all of them the quality would suffer. Forcing a total rewrite is a pain, but such an important one. But I have to make up that defecit somewhere. Either that, or I move the goalposts to my 32nd birthday. Even then that only gives me 104 extra days. I need to think on this more…