February 13th, 2020 – 505

So I wrote the first draft of the eugenics discovery scene, told from a point after Willow finds out about it. She wrestles with the idea that a man could hold such views when there is a good chance he’d seen the future. It fits in what I hope is a natural flow in the prose leading up to Taft’s first future trip. I have no doubt I will at some point re-rewrite that whole scene again because it is so hard to get acorss what I want to here. It’s not a call to pitchforks, and it’s not absolvement. It isn’t even between those two. When discussing historical figures, we have to accept dark sides and talk about them.

So yeah that was a fun morning. It made the 50 or so passwords I reset yesterday all breaking this morning delightful by contrast. I have a steady queue of work to get me to the weekend so I am at least kept busy at work. I’ve got a floating Audible credit I was about to give to the third I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue Treasury. That was until I realised I already owned all the specials it contains on CD. Not sure which book I’ll bless with that. A friend of mine reccomended The Wandering Inn which sounds delightful. Also it’s 43 hours long so that’s a lot of content to enjoy. 

For now though I’m reslistening to the Clue Treasury volumes 1 and 2 again. I’ve had so many obsessions in my life, and so many things that were important to me and then drifted. The only thing in both categories that has lasted for 20 uninterupted years is I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. It is to this day the one thing that can cheer me up no matter what, without fail each time I engage with it. And I guess it goes without saying, I’ve needed that more than I have let on in my last few posts.