February 1st, 2020 – 493

In six days time, this blog turns one year old. It’s strange that I never clicked with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Imgur or Reddit anywhere near as much as WordPress. In another way, it’s really not. I’m not fussed about connecting with readers here, which is liberating. That might sound a bit odd for someone who wants to make a career of connecting with readers, but it’s nice to have this space. Here I can let people peer into my mind, and I don’t care much if they do or not. It’s a nice feeling, one I can’t recommend enough.

So I wrote another thousand words of WHT today, and they did not come easy. I still struggle writing in my home office a lot more than I do chipping target off bit by bit during my warm-up at work. A lot of that is the urgency. I work through my lunch break at work so that I have time to write, but it doesn’t give me a ton of time to work with. I can spend half an hour cumulative between 1K, this blog and my journal. I boost that to 40 minutes or even 45 by arriving early. At home, I don’t have that restriction. As Mark Rosewater says, “Restriction breeds creativity”. Not what he meant by that, but you get the idea.

I have a three day weekend, and work has been busy. I rushed target several days this week to make more time for it, which means I owe myself a bit of a break; at least 40 minutes worth over the course of the week. I intend to rest up a lot more than that this weekend though. Today I will play Stardew Valley for several hours then go hang out with a friend. Tomorrow it’ll be Crusader Kings II and food shopping but otherwise the same deal. And Monday, you guessed it, back to Stardew. I need a recharge, and I am so glad I had Monday booked months ago.

So, why did I have it booked months ago? What’s so special about the 3rd of February? Well, people who know me well enough will know that it’s not the 3rd at all. I’m ensuring I have a day either side of the day itself. Though there are too many reasons to list why this day stuck out time and time again in my life, I treat the second of February as a sort of personal holiday. It’s a day that for me symbolises personal growth, and both some of my happiest, and most awkward memories. It is in short, a day I let myself reflect on the good and the bad, and saviour how both got me to where I am now. It’s a happy day. It’s a day I piggybacked on the goodwill of last year to launch this very blog some 5 days later.

So I’m doing ok right now. And now, I’m going to bring my Bullet Journal up to date and go relax. I’ve earned it.