January 31st, 2020 – 492

Today I am doing something wild and crazy. Ok not really, but for me it is a little. I am going to go out after work. I know right, shock, horror. How dare I attempt a social life? It shocked me too, but there it is. I haven’t been to the shop since the 3rd of January, so four weeks to the day. Part of that was money. Most of it was wanting to protect my sleep routine. I’ve been such a ball of stress this week though I need the pick up. And as much as I could wall myself off and play Stardew Valley, this is healthier.

WHT hit 35,000 words today, It’s actually 35,003 words, though as that’s an approximation I can’t know for sure. Funny side note, this is why I write 1,056 words on a typical day in Google Docs. Letting my private journal count ensures I write at least 1,300 each day, but it’s added security. Only writing it after target means I’m no longer tempted to write 700 words of content. So that means I got an extra 4,000 words this month. When we count TFS and WAN – the latter I’m tempted not to – I hit 37,000 this month. That is within scratching distance of my next milestone.

As far as I am concerned, 40,000 word months are fast enough that I am outdoing the average writer. Yes it’s not a contest but if I am going to make any money doing this a large catalogue is my friend. Plus I like writing novels, why wouldn’t I want to write the equivilant of 6 a year? While I still have a full time job that is my cap. If I ever got paid to write – I know right, how scandalous – I could get that to 12. That would work out as 6 first drafts, 6 rewrites a year. That is the goal, but we are a ways off that yet. Still, good to have stretch goals.

On that note, I am going to chip at WAN more often. Yes I loathe the story with a passion, and that is why I will chip at it. The more I write ahead of its scheduled time, the less I have to work on it in one go. I’ll thank myself for that in time. It’s funny in a way to work on a story at all that is going to have the description “Don’t read this book, all the important extended universe stuff is below.” But I can’t airbrush the Wanderer out of the story any more than I can Heather, Lewes or even William Howard Taft. When I paint at home, I don’t buy in new paints; I work with what I have.

Oh and happy Brexitmas. Because that’s a thing. Make of that what you will.